Introduction: Mixed Drink Dispenser Prototype

This prototypes intended purpose is to serve a drink the is mixed for you already through the process of the creation. It's function is; to have to separate valves flowing different liquids into one spigot in order to create one mixed drink.


  • Wood
  • Two 2 liter soda bottles
  • Two 6" hoses
  • Spigot
  • Drills and saws (to cut wood)
  • springs
  • hot glue
  • electric stapler
  • Router

Step 1: Cutting Wood

Any scrap pieces of wood would work for this as long as they're big enough to fit the criteria i'm about to list. The first piece we will cut is the base, this piece should be sized 1' x 1'. Next are the four pieces that hold the top piece where the bottles will sit on. Their sizes will be 9" x 5" for all four, but 2 of them will have holes cut the side for the valve controls to be places in. The size of the holes will be 1" x 2", measure these holes out first to be centered into the middle and 3" down from the top side. Proceed to use a Router to cut these holes. Next cut a 3" x 3" piece and drill a hole in the middle to hold the spigot snug (size of hole varies among spigot size). Last is to cut the top piece. This piece will be 12" x 5", after cut 2 holes just big enough so that the top of each soda bottle will fit snugly into those holes. The holes should be drilled equally apart. Lastly we will cut two pieces into a T shape for our valves to control the flow of liquid from each bottle. The vertical of the T should be 3" inches long, its thickness should be a little less than 1" x 2" so that they can slide through the holes we drilled with the router earlier. The horizontal of the T should be 3 1/2 " in width and 1/2" in length.

Step 2: Making Valves

Take the Two T shapes we just made and drill a hole in each end going half way in and its diameter should be wide enough so the your springs can fit in the holes. Repeat this process again for the Two boards we cut with the holes from the router. Next hot glue the springs into the 2 holes on the board, then hot glue the other end of the springs in the holes of the T. Make sure the when this is happening your T can slide in and out of the main hole of the board its hot glued on.

Step 3: Putting Wood Together

Start from the bottom piece, electric staple the Two boards with the T's connected on the edge so that the T's are facing the inside of the bottom board. Next staple the other Two boards on so that the T's are pressing up against them. Next staple the Top piece on the four boards. Last staple the piece for the spigot in the front middle of the bottom board.

Step 4: Hose Connections

Unscrew the tops off both soda bottles and drill a hole big enough so the hoses can fit in them, and hot glue the hole of the cap for leaking protection. Then feed the hoses through the holes on the top wood piece and hot glue the caps for a more snug fit.

Step 5: Connecting Hoses to Spigot

Hot glue the spigot into the hole on the front of your set up. Next fit both hoses into the spigot and hot glue any gaps lightly so that there is no leakage.

Step 6: Putting It All Together

Make sure that the hoses are in between the T valves and the board it's pressing on so that the hose is cutting off any flow from liquid, this will ensure that the liquids are kept separate until it leaves then spigot. Next to get the bottles connected, flip the prototype upside down and twist the bottle itself onto the cap in the hole so that you don't have anything spill.

Step 7: ENJOY

Next all you have to do is pull each valve to control have much of each drink you want and turn the spigot to enjoy!