Introduction: Paint Mixer

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This is my paint mixer for quart cans so you don't have to use a stir stick. My dad uses it to mix wood putty.


\The ridges are to catch the paint and stir it up better.

It fits into most standard drills.

Step 1: Creating a Small Box to Make the Ridges

I had to find the right dimensions for it to catch the paint and not be to big.

If I had it to big I could only have like 3 prong mixer witch wouldn't do anyone any good.

Step 2: I Had to Make a Wing.

It was by far the hardest part because I had to get the angle right. What I had to do was go up 0.6 of an inch while also rotating 1 degree. After I did that one time I had to do it 18 times over.

Step 3: I Had to Make the Head Out of Five Wings.

I rotated the wings around a central point so they were symmetrical.

Step 4: I Had to Add a Center.

I added a center to my design so that the wings were connected so that when it prints it does't fall apart.

Step 5: I Added a Pole to Attach to the Drill.

I added a pole to attach to the drill that is hexagonal so that it has more stability it is 6 inches tall.

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