Introduction: Mjölnir Thor Hammer PC Switch

As our world has advanced to a very high level, Pushing switch to turn on your pc is not very convenient at all. That`s why i came to a solution to use my tiny wooden thor hammer to turn on my pc while acting as a phone stand



  • Wood scrap
  • Male female power connector
  • Electric wire
  • Reed switch
  • Neodymium magnet(or an type of magnet)
  • Brown rope


  • Hand drill
  • Back saw
  • 5mm drill bit
  • Cutter
  • Wood Glue

Step 1: Material and Parts

In this project i am using scrap woods and some basic electronic part. In my case i wanted to make a phone holder while using it as a way to turn on my PC.The reed switch is actually a switch which close when a magnet is bring close to it. I`m also using a male and female adapter to connect the phone holder and my pc with a temporary joint.

Step 2: Making the Base for the Phone Stand

I`m using a piece of wenge wood for the base as it is heavy and very stable. As the reed switch must be positioned at least 2mm from the top in order for the magnet to have effect on the switch, i`m using a 5mm drill bit to drill 3 holes. These holes will then be clean up using a wood chisel and a mallet.Now the reed switch can be place in without any problem. To make the base flat on my table i`m not using rubber feet, but i chisel out a canal for the wire.

Step 3: Connecting the Reed Switch

The reed switch is very easy to connect as shown in the picture above. The switch must be placed inside the hole and as near as possible to the top. Then i glue it using hot glue.

Step 4: Making the Hammer

For the hammer, i`m using 20mm pine wood and a 5mm dowel, Firstly i cut the Hammer head using a back saw and secondly i drill a 5mm hole for the 5mm dowel. As i`m using the hammer as the magnet holder, i made a hole and put it in the top of the hammer. To make the hammer more appearing i use brown rope and decorate the handle. This is all about the hammer.

Step 5: the Phone Holder

As i do not have a router, i used a small square wenge wood and a piece of pine wood to hold the phone. I glued it using wood glue and clamped it using G-clamp

Step 6: PC Connection

I used the female adapter and connect it parallel to the case switch, and hold it tight to the case

Step 7: Finish

I have used a lacquer spray to make it more beautiful and Connect the adapter. When you put the hammer over the reed switch it automatically turn on your pc and you do not need to press the button

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