Introduction: MoMaS Illuminated

His name is MoMaS, MoMaS TaMoTraZiS. He's the son of The Man Who's Eyes Unable To Lie. And he is my workshop buddy. As well as FurniScorp. Momas guards my tools, while FurniScorp keeps everything clean and organized (sometimes).

MoMaS is old (perhaps Soviet times) children gass mask. We had two of them as long as I remember myself. Maybe at some point parents get them for me and my brother, like, just in case (because Chernobyl and stuff...), but it means that if the "case" happend to be a case, they would have to decide because one of those masks had no straps and filter. And I don't think I was a favourite child in the family, but this is not what this instructable is about. At some point I took the mask, polished metall parts, applied car window darkening film to the glasses and spraypainted it black. I putted it on the wall at my room and called him MoMaS. At that moment he had a feature he's lacking now, after his moving to the workshop, and now it's time for him to redeem it.

Step 1:

It is a wery simple project. As simple as putting some christmas lights into MoMaSes hollow entity.

Step 2:

And there he glows (also in poor quality video)!

Tell me about your workshop buddies if you have any, and thank you for your attention.

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