Introduction: Mobile Cases or Covers Made of Ceramic Granulated Goma Eva and DIY

About: My blog, like my YouTube channel, is oriented to work done with my hands with or without the help of tools, especially using paper as the main base.

This tutorial will show you how to perform this cases or covers mobile very cute design with hearts, which can adapt and make some designs for super cute child, as I always say imagination is the limit of what they want to do.

It is Start of week for the second time'm in time with the tutorial and I'm super happy, so let's begin.

Step 1: Step by Step Video

Step 2: Materials:

Granulated ceramic purple and Rosado. (The color of your choice)

A cell.

transparent film.


Hot glue gun Liquid silicone

Goma Eva Foamy or purple (the color of your choice)




white carpenter's glue.

A brush.

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