Introduction: Mobile Charging for Laptop, Tablet, and Phones.

Many times I am on the go and my phone is on low battery. Or I might be traveling long distances and need to charge my laptop for later. This instructables shows you how to power your electronics on the go in a very green way.

Step 1: Materials

Before you buy any materials you want to know how much voltage you want for your battery, inverter, and electronic. For example, I have a 12v battery and an inverter that needs an input of 12v. The output of my inverter is 110-120v which is the same amount of power I need to charge my laptop. 1) Deep Cycle Battery from (Deep cycle means rechargeable) 2) Inverter from (Try to have one that has an adapter on it) 3) Battery Leads from (have an adapter the same one that is one the inverter) Optional: Case/ enclosure for all the parts to be in.

Step 2: Creating the Circuit

Connect the battery leads to the deep cycle battery. Positive to positive and negative to negative. Then connect the adapter from the inverter to the adapter from the battery leads.

Step 3: Conclusion

One of the downsides to this is that it's bulky and the battery is a bit heavy so it is smart to put it in an enclosure. You can also use small appliances while the power is out. To be very environmentally friendly you can add on a solar panel or a motor attached to a bike to recharge the battery.