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Introduction: Mobile Peg Board Tool Stand

Hi All,

This is my first instructable, so be gentle. Appreciate any feedback/comments to help me out. Let me start by saying that this was inspired by Brad Justinen's ible located here

I can't weld and don't have access to a welder, so i made this bad boy out of timber, as i have a bit of it lying around.

Step 1: Build Your Own Mobile Peg Board

To do this you don't need much in the way of tools, and if you hunt around for parts, you can do this very cheaply.

I used pine that i had already for the basic frame, but use what suits.

I used some pine planks that i had for a base,

Wood Screws


Peg Board(obviously). I actually picked up quite a bit of this for nothing when a local retailer was having a re-fit and throwing it all out. It is a bit pricey to buy from a hardware shop, so hunt around.

Old Cassette(remember those?) storage container

Some metal brackets(make your own style)


Appropriate safety gear.

I have a drop saw so i used that, but you could get away with a normal saw, jigsaw, or anything that will cut wood.


Make sure to sketch out a rough(very rough in my case) plan

Keep yourself hydrated with some sort of beverage(no alcohol if you are using power tools.( should probably practice what i preach).

Step 2: Sides

I had smaller sections of peg board, so i was going to use a few to make a side of the A frame that i ended up creating. Pick a height that you want, but figure out how tall you want it to sit depending on your stature. I ended up using 4 of my board sizes for a side, as this gave me a good gap underneath for storage.

Then just attach the sheets to your frame pieces. I used 4 screws per board and it is holding up fine. Drilling guide holes in your frame helps.

Step 3: Base

Whip up a frame for your base to attach your sides to. Once again the dimensions of this are going to be largely determined by how tall you want the stand to be and what sort of angle you want it to have.

I did a square frame first then attached the sides, as i wasn't worried about little bits of overhang at the bottom. Incidentally you can just clean these up later with a jigsaw/dremel/saw.

Put the wheels on before or after attaching the sides, it doesn't really matter, but it takes up less room lying just the base over to attache the wheels as opposed to the whole beast.

It's easier if you have a helper to hold it all upright while you do this, but mine didn't have opposable thumbs, so wasn't much help. Lots of moral support though.

Step 4: Top Connection

Once the bottom is sorted, i just used a piece of make your own bracket to attach both sides to each other. This stuff is dirt cheap in a hardware store.

I ended up using four screws per side for stability.

Keeps it all locked together and doesn't move or sway.

I used another piece of bracketing further down on one side, as it makes a handy spot for tape measures(the ones that can clip onto your belt).

The other side has a more sturdy metal bracket i found at a recycle centre, useful to hang spare clamps from.

Step 5: Finish It Off

To finish it off, glue/screw some planks down across the base you made so that you have extra storage space.

You can see the cassette storage unit, that sits on the base. It makes for very good storage, in my case for allen/hex keys, drill bits, and sockets. Very handy if like me you have many random ones that aren't part of a current set.

You can also see i added cordless drill holder from a couple of screws and a bit of scrap pvc pipe.

I painted one side with plasti-dip to see how it would hold up, and so far very well.

It is much more full now, and has been going strong for a few months now.

If you need extra hooks, you can get them from a hardware store. Incidentally, my local big green box has 2 areas for them, one with laundry/bathroom storage and one in hardware storage. For practically the same thing there is a surprising price difference if you buy out of the laundry/bathroom area. Sneaky buggers.

I love this thing, as i can roll it where i need to, and it keeps my stuff organised, as i tend to be a messy bugger. It was never going to be the prettiest thing, as i am very function over form, but it works a treat.

Thanks all for reading.

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    7 years ago

    Consider the pegboard was the back wall of a cabinet and now build sides and a front. You could have two more sides to hang more items on there (front/back). Put a cross piece board in the bottom and add spools for extension cord / rope / water hose etc.


    Reply 7 years ago

    Sounds like another project to do. I made this an A Frame style as i really like being able to see everything and use the vast majority of the boards. A cupboard style would mean you lose a little storage in the corners, not a great deal though. The cupboard style would be great for the ungainly stuff that no matter how you store it, it manages to look out of place.


    7 years ago

    That looks really nice, That's also a great idea for how to store spring-clamps, Thanks!


    7 years ago

    Very useful I wish to have space to make one, nice work

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    I love this design. You can immediately find any tool that you need.