Introduction: Mobile Phone Mount for Classic Cars

That's what this instructable is about.

There was no stylish phone mount for my Iphone available.

Though, I decided to make it myself.

Step 1: Milling the Pieces

I started with cutting hardwood to the right size.

In order to get accurate edges, I made a fixture as a guide for the mill.

At first I milled the outlines with a rounded milling tool

Step 2: Further Milling

Then I milled down the whole area, but I left the rounded outlines untouched

Step 3: Create a Window for the Home Button and the Display

I drilled a hole for the home button and tapered it for easier access and saw out a window for the display

Step 4: Glueing Together What Belongs Together

Before glueing the two parts together, I created room for the lightning plug in the bottom of both shells.

I used two component epoxy adhesive to fix the connector and the two shells together.

Step 5: Finished Item

after sanding and oiling the surface I realised that I choosed the wrong wood.

But anyway, I am quite happy with the first attempt.

I attached it with two screws and an aluminium angle bracket to the dashbord.

It works flawlessly, no matter how hard I drive through the curves. :)