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Introduction: Mobile Planer Cart/Shop Stand

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I recently just bought a DeWalt planer and I love it! The only issue is with it is that it weighs 80 pounds! I dedcided pretty quickly I needed to make a mobile cart with locking casters to put this beast of a machine on. This is a quick and dirty design and only cost me $30. I made a video showing the process. If you like the video please consider subscribing to my youtube channel, and if you want to see what I'm working on then you can check out my instagram.



Step 1: Tools & Materials


Sheet of plywood


pocket hole jig


locking casters

Step 2: Cutting the Wood

I bought a oiece of 3/4 inch plywood from home depot and them cut it down for me so I could fit it in my car. i then started cutting it to specific dimensions based on my planer with the table saw. Once I had one side cut to the right width I used it to set the table saw fence so I would have matching pieces.

Step 3: Making the Frame

I used pocket holes to put the frame of the cart together. I did this because they were quick and strong. I then cut out a back piece for the cart and used 1 in screws to attach it.

Step 4: Adding the Wheels

I used 4 locking 3" casters for this cart. I didnt have any screws with fat enough heads to i added washers to attach the wheels to the base.

Step 5: Enjoy Your New Mobile Shop Cart

I made this specifically for my dewalt planer but you can easily change this to fit any tool you need. In the future I will be making drawers for the bottom part. Let me know if you make one or have questions in the comments.

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    4 years ago

    Nice project. And you are very correct, they weigh a lot. And have one on a movable stand so I can take it outside when I use it. The amount of wood dust and chips it produces is amazing. Better to have that outside then in the shop.


    Reply 4 years ago

    Thanks. It does make the clean up a lot easier.


    Question 4 years ago

    Very nicely done! But what does your neighbours say when you are making noise and wooddust and shavings?


    Answer 4 years ago

    Thanks. They can’t really complain when they play loud music till 2am.