Introduction: Mobile Portable Work Table

This is a simple way to use a table to move items and be able to fold it away altogether if the space is needed or to transport in a vehicle. The wheels need to come off in order for the table to close all the way and since this is also a speed challenge I will not add modifications, but you can make it so the wheels fold at a joint along the bottom.


  • Table with hollow legs and a handle (or space for modifications)
  • wheels that fit the bottom of the table
  • a carry bag for the wheels
  • clips to hang the bag on the table

Step 1: Prep the Table and Wheels

Remove the protectors from the table legs. You can modify them if they are not hollow to accommodate whatever you have around by drilling holes and applying braces along the bottom of the legs. I chose my wheels because of their weight capacity and of course the fact that they happened to fit perfectly with the table.

Step 2: Put Everything Together and Get to Work!

There are endless ways to modify this to fit whatever you will use it for. All of the parts are interchangeable and modifications can be made to enhance the uses for this table. For example, I will later add an adapter along the side of the table to allow me to roll the table instead of carrying it. I will also add velcro to use it as a sign holder and a small magnetic plate to hold metal objects. The weight capacity allows you to add a variety of items and the wheels prevent you from having to carry anything.

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