Mobile Potting Cart - Take an Old Piece and Repurpose It! Reuse and Recycle for Fun!

Introduction: Mobile Potting Cart - Take an Old Piece and Repurpose It! Reuse and Recycle for Fun!

Buying up odd pieces of junk is my favorite pastime! Some pieces may sit for months before I decide what they will become. But when you find an interesting piece of wood, an old chair, a baby crib, old hardware, or an ugly old cabinet, buy it! Your creative juices will eventually begin to flow and voila! There it is - a really great piece of repurposed art!

Step 1: Mobile Potting Cart

Step One - I found an old used white bathroom cabinet that had been ripped out of someone's home at Habitat for Humanity's Restore. I paid $10 for it, not knowing what I would repurpose it into. It sat for several months in my garage. One of my friends asked if I had ever made a Cart for Potting that could be easily used outside. I looked in my garage and the AHA moment hit me. That little white cabinet could be something entirely useful and cool too.

Step Two - I ripped apart some old pallet wood that I had on hand from some other projects. I sanded the pieces until they were smooth.

Step Three - I painted the sides of the cabinet a dark hunter green and used a waterproof sealer.

Step Four - I took the drawer apart and removed the door.

Step Five - I cut the pallet wood into short pieces and stained them.

Step Six - I bought new casters and screwed them on the corners of the bottom.

Step Seven - I screwed and glued a wider board across the bottom on front and 2 sides.

Step Eight- I screwed and glued 5 thinner pieces of pallet wood onto the sides.

Step Nine - I used the pallet wood to replace the drawer front.

Step Ten - I made a new door from leftover wood from another project and then painted it the same hunter green. I then attached pallet wood pieces to mimic the sides.

Step Eleven - I used a piece of old wood to make a larger top that would provide space for potting tasks. I glued and screwed this piece down.

Step Twelve - I used tile and grout that I found at the Restore to make a beautiful, yet durable top.

Step Thirteen- I wanted to provide a handy place for hanging tools that would be used often, so I used the pallet wood and screwed these into the back, with crossbars for look and use.

Step Fourteen- I found hardware at Restore and Home Depot and used this on the Door, Drawer and the Back piece, adding a towel bar to the side for a handy spot to place a drying cloth.

Step Fifteen - I used a waterproof sealer on the entire piece for better wear and tear.

Step Sixteen - Wheel it out and use when needed!

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