Introduction: Mobile With Cranes

In Chinese culture, the crane stands for a long life and luck, so a crane mobile is a wonderful gift for the birth.


Square paper: here (15cm x 15cm), you can choose the colour of course.


Sewing thread (white recommended)

Bead/ pompom (in the same coulour as the paper is)


Step 1: Folding the Cranes

There are many links on the Internet with instructions for the cranes. Folding a crane is good for beginners because they are not too difficult. After 3 cranes I was able to fold them without any instructions.

Step 2: Hang the Pompom on the Sewing Thread

Hang the pompom on the sewing thread. You need a needle for that.

I stuck the sewing thread through the pompom and made a knot. I did that twice, so the pompom is fixed.

Step 3: Hang the Crane on the Sewing Thread

Insert the thread into the crane from below with the needle. It is important that the needle comes out at the very top. Then the crane is in balance.

Step 4: Hang the Sewing Thread With the Cranes on the Branch

That is the easiest step.

Simply wrap the thread around the branch and tie a knot. Do so with all the other sewing threads. Then your mobile cran is finished!