Mobile Wok Box Club - Circle Graphic Application Instructions

Introduction: Mobile Wok Box Club - Circle Graphic Application Instructions

  • Please read through these application instructions very carefully.
  • Have at least 2 people to apply these circle graphics.
  • Allow yourself a minimum of 1 hour of uninterrupted time to complete this application.
  • It is best to apply these graphics at closing so that they can set overnight.
  • Clean the kitchen counter millwork surface and let it dry completely before you begin.
  • These graphics start on the side closest to the front entrance.

Step 1:

In your kit you will receive 7 circle graphics. You will also have 5 orange strips that will be used to connect the circles.

Note: Your strips may already be pre-cut into single strips.

Step 2:

Arrange the circle graphics onto the millwork using masking tape or painter's tape only, to avoid damaging the wall.

Make sure these circles are never more than one orange strip length away from the previous circle. The only exception is from the 'YES' circle to the last 'GET 2 FREE SPRING ROLLS' circle. In this case you will need to use 2 strips.

Note: Varying the lengths between circles and slightly turning the circles at different angles will add interest.

Step 3:

Start with the area closest to the front entrance in the following order:

Closest to the door - DO YOU LIKE SPRING ROLLS?
Next up high on the millwork - YES
Next down low on the millwork - NO
After the 'NO' moving away from the front door - WHAT IF THEY WERE FREE?
After the 'YES' and 'WE DON'T BELIEVE YOU!' furthest away from the font door - GET 2 FREE SPRING ROLLS

Note: The 'WHAT IF THEY WERE FREE?' circle needs to be turned to an angle where the words flow towards the 'YES' circle (because we want them to say yes!). And there should be an orange strip placed between the 'WHAT IF THEY WERE FREE?' and 'YES' circles.

Step 4:

All the circle graphics should be in the correct placement. Now, peel the first large circle (closest to the door) off the backing. Be careful not to let it fold and stick onto itself.

Step 5:

Keep your originally planned placement and angle. Carefully hover the circle over the millwork until you know you are covering the ends of the orange strips.

Lightly apply the graphic smoothly against the millwork starting at one edge to avoid folding or bubbling.

Gently pat the graphic down. But, not too firmly as you still will need to lift up some edges to apply the orange strips underneath.

Step 6:

Lift up the edge of the graphic (with your fingers or a dull knife) where you will will put the orange strip at an angle you have planned towards the next circle.

Step 7:

We are now going to connect the 2 circles with the orange strip you have already trimmed to size. Carefully peel the orange strip off the backing and ensure it does not fold or stick to itself. Hold each end of the strip and make sure each end of the strip goes from the closest edge of the circle to the next closest edge of the other circle. Stick down the first end under the first circle and slowly press the strip along the millwork at the correct angle to the next circle. Any excess orange strip material will hide under the other circle graphic.

Step 8:

For the rest of the circle graphics and strips follow STEPS 5–8.
Make sure the orange strips go to the correct circles, as per the first visual layout.

Step 9:

Once you get to the 'YES' circle (where there are 2 strip pieces to get to the next 'GET 2 FREE SPRING ROLLS' circle), take off the first strip piece. Carefully peel up the edge of the 'YES' circle. Peel the orange strip off the backing.

Step 10:

Hold each end of the strip and get the angle you will need from the closest edge of the 'YES' circle to the beginning of the next strip.

Stick down the end of the strip near the beginning of the next strip to keep it's correct placement and angle. Slowly press the strip along the millwork at the correct angle to the 'YES' circle.

The end of the strip should hide underneath the 'YES' circle.

Gently pat down the 'YES' circle.

Step 11:

Once you are at the second piece of orange strip that leads to the last 'GET 2 FREE SPRING ROLLS' circle, peel part of the strip off it's backing.

Carefully line up the end of the strip on the end of the other strip so it looks as seamless as possible.

Step 12:

Once the end is stuck down, smoothly press the orange strip along the millwork in the correct angle towards the center of the last circle.

Step 13:

Smooth the end of the strip down under the edge of the last circle graphic.

Then gently smooth out the last circle over the strip, from the center out to the edge.

Step 14:

Once all the circles and strips are applied onto the millwork in the correct sequence, use the small white 3M squeegee (provided in your kit) to smooth down the graphics. Make sure you move the squeegee pressing down on an angle from the center of the circle out to the edge of the circle. This will help get any air bubbles out.

Use the squeegee to also smooth out the orange strips.

Step 15:

Then you're done!

Be aware that it is ideal to let the graphics set overnight.

Lastly, familiarize yourself with the mobile marketing roll out package. It is important your team knows how to start accepting and redeeming text message offers and mobile coupon offers.

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    So... these are some sort of in-house training instructables?