Mobile Phone Holder/mount for Bike/bicyle-with Ease Earphone Extension Hack, Camera Hack and Gps(bonus Features!)




Introduction: Mobile Phone Holder/mount for Bike/bicyle-with Ease Earphone Extension Hack, Camera Hack and Gps(bonus Features!)

This instructible shows how to make a mobile phone holder for your bike/bicycle/cycle (whatever u call it! lol)...the bonus features of this so called-'hack' are many!!

1. Tired of keeping phone in your pocket with chances of it falling down when u go for biking??! #this hack will allow you to attach your phone on the handlebar so that your can easily access it whenever required..and mark my words-it wont fall down(unless u don't make it!)P.S. you can access the GPS with ease as the phone is on your handlebar!

2.Cant afford the fancy GoPro cam or bored of it?Do u still want the same 1st person view recording of the track while you bike on??!#this hack will allow you to use your phone as a GoPro and you can record 1st person view of cycling!!

3.Most important- Sick of uncomfortable feeling when you listen to songs using earphone/earplugs/headphones (or whatever!) ??!You always need to change songs by putting hands in your pocket and the wire is going all around from your head to your pocket!#No More! as the best bonus feature of this hack is this only!U don't have to take the phone out of your pocket and change the can just stretch your thumb a bit and change it!U don't have to suffer from the uncomfortable feeling of wires from pocket to will now go straight from the head-through your shirt-to the seat of your bike where you will plug your earphones!simple-straight-wire lining!No more of those tangles!

Best Of Luck! Follow the steps:

Step 1: Materiels/tools


1.A bike's safety light reflector...................1(quantity)

2.Phone's backcase .. i will prefer silicon one..although hard case will also work...............1(quantity) extender cable..3.5mm-male to female-good quality one.(optional..only for the earphones ease hack hack..).........................1(quantity)

basic tools like-

1.adhesive tape/sticky tape(whatever!)................1(quantity)

2.Sugru or M-seal (whatever may be avalable in your location(optional! for earphone hack)....................1or 2(quantity)

3.SuperGlue(instant bonding glue)(optional! for earphones hack)..................2(quantity)



Step 2: Taking the Reflector Apart

take your reflector and remove the reflecting glass on it..u will only be left with the black plastic..

Step 3: Making Cuts/holes in Thte Backcase

Now, you need to make cuts/holes in your backcase with a knife or cutter(or whatever you find convenient)..hold the reflector on the back of the backcase and mark its sides..then make delicate cuts on the case accordingly (from where you can slide the tape and mount it to the reflector)..just as the figure.make sure your cuts dont ruin your case!

Step 4: Sticking the Backcase and Reflector

Now, you need to stick the backcase and the reflector with adhesive shown in the image...after sticking, put super glue on the tape endings and on the cuts/holes..just to make it sturdy and strong even during rains.. NOTE:if you have a better way to stick the backcase and reflector,please omit step 3 and 4..

Step 5: Mounting the Reflector Back on the Bike

now you can screw the reflector on your bike's handle per your convenience..Congratulations! you have achieved bonus features of GPS and GoPro! hehe..easy acces of Gps now..Camera hack is shown in the next step..

Step 6: Camera Hack

put your phone on the case and adjust the alignment of the reflector so that the camera faces the switch on the camera and check the alignment...adjust the angle of the reflector as per your can record the road in 1st person view now!i have added a few images of my riding!somewhat like GoPro..hehe..sorry for the crappy images..actually they are just snapshot of the videos what i made..therefore they have to be crappy! but the videos are awesome! and if in camera mode--the photos are also awesome!!

Step 7: Earphone Ease Hack Now

ok.So now we will be making the earphone ease hack..let me tell you the basic concept of it..when i was riding the bike with earphones on,i found it very difficult to change the songs and put the phone back in the pocket..also,there were was that wire going all over from my head to the pocket which caused great i did this earphone ease hack so that i can easily ride my bike without any such issue..


I thought of using an audio extender cable(3.5mm with male to female)..I lined the audio extender neatly along the frame of the bike and brought the female end to the bottom of my seat..the other end was at the phone holder/mount..this enabled me to plug the earphones jack under my seat and the earphone's wire went through my shirt,along my back, and straight to the earphones....this caused loads of convenience..! in the further steps i will show you how its done..

Step 8: Lining Step 1:estimation

NOTE:I would recommend you to buy a good quality audio extender if you buy a cheap one,the sound quality usually decreases..

take an approx. measure of the cable needed-that will be enough to go through the handle of your cycle to its seat...also keep enough wire to line it properly..wrap the rest of it at the female end so it can go under the seat..

Step 9: Lining Step 2:lining With Adhesive

line the wire properly as shown in the images leave some loose wire in places such as:

-near the holder

-near the seat,as you may want to adjust the height of the seat sometime or you may want to take off the seat(i dont know why!lol)so you should have some loose wire so that it isnt short at that time..

i will suggest you to make a mud guard from m-seal/sugru as shown in the last image..this will prevent the mud from getting in the jack...

the wires are all stuck with sticky tape with super glue..m seal/sugru also applied at some should use the adhesive according to your bikes make..

with this your lining is complete!

Step 10: Enjoy!!

Congratulations!you have achieved the earphones ease bonus feature! lol :D

now you will just have to plug the earphones jack at the bottom of your seat and change songs with your thumb-thanks to the holder! hehe.. ;)


sorry for the excessive use of '!' :D !!

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