Introduction: Mobile Workbench or Tool Cart Made With Salvaged Wood

My place of work has been under constant renovation, an opportunity that I have had of salvaging very good wood that would have ended on a landfill otherwise. Since the workbench in my garage is full with my ever growing number of tools, I decided to build a second work area where I could continue to work on my projects. An idea of a mobile unit that served as a workbench and a tool cart came to my mind. I used everything that was available to me on my garage. The only thing that I bought for this project was a gallon of wood glue and a set of casters. I bought casters that can withstand 330 lbs (149.68 kg), the strongest that I could find. I bought the set of casters at a discount tool store but I realize that it is not always easy to find a good deal on them. You will also need long wood screws, 2 ½ or 3 inch long (63.5 or 76.2 mm).

Step 1: Building the Top of the Workbench

I started my project by reaping some 5 3/8 inch wide boards (136.52 mm) in half. The boards were given to me by a very good friend. I used a ¾ inch panel (19.05 mm) to build the top. After I cut the panel in half, I glued both halves together and kept some cinder blocks on top of this sandwich overnight. Next day I discovered that both halves did not exactly match, so I trimmed the edges with my circular saw, at the same time removing the unsightly beads of dry glue that oozed out.

Step 2: Completing the Project

To make sure that all the necessary pieces were exactly the same length, I cut all of them at the same time with my 12 inch sliding miter saw. I built the bench apron by gluing and screwing the butted ends of four pieces. I also glued the apron to the top and secured it with pocket joints. You can build your project as big or as small as you desire. That is why I do not give the exact dimensions of my project. Using my table saw as a reference, I figured how high I wanted my table to make it ergonomically friendly to me.

Enjoy a video of the project with funky music!

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