Introduction: Mobility Scooter Trailer Bicycle Trailer

This is my first posting, so please forgive me if I have done it wrong.

I have made a trailer to go behind a mobility scooter. I still have tofinish it by painting and putting reflectors and lights on it.

Step 1: Mobility Scooter Trailer Build

Firstly, buy a child carrier bicycle trailer and strip it down to the chassis. The one I bought had rips in the fabric around the windows and where the feet go so was no good. The top cover with mesh and window was in good condition still and this can be used if you wish.

Step 2: Mobility Scooter Trailer

After stripping down to chassis, I cut the corner lugs off that held the frame on. This way, I can fit a board or a box. I made a box out of 5.5mm plywood.

Next I took the 'drawbar' off that attaches to the bike. I turned it 90 degrees and drilled the existing holes larger to put a bolt through and bolted it to the chassis. I had to bolt a bracket into the other hole so the drawbar would not turn / pivot.

The part that attaches to the bike rear wheel axle is bolted to the square frame under the seat where a basket can be mounted. Just a small bolt through the top with a washer and tighten.

The next pic shows the drawbar attached. Takes just a few seconds to attach and remove.

I made a box from 5.5mm plywood and some 2x1 to screw the panels together. The ply was cut to size by my local wood yard. You can get 2 x boxes (without lids) out od an 8x4ft ply sheet.

You can have a wooden lid or the original top of the child carrier and staple hook & loop strips to the box to attach it snugly.

The box size is 80cm x 50cm x 30cm high. Plenty of room for shopping or for any use.

I have fitted a pair of mudguards and will be fitting reflectors and lights to it too, after painting it.

I hope this will inspire you into making one. Designs are individually chosen and I am thinking of making a teardrop caravan shape trailer next.

Child trailer cost £35. Plysheet cost with having it cut to size, £27 (ply and cutting service)

Lights from pound shop £1.

Cost of mobility scooter trailer new from £299.

Step 3:

For the trailer lights, I bought two push lights from £1 shop and a bottle of red nail varnish.

Mask off the lights and paint the clear lens with red nail varnish. You now have rear lights for the trailer. I have also bought a pair of small (60mm) triangle reflectors.

Step 4:

i had to strip the wheels and mudguards off the trailer so I could paint it. 3 coats of gloss black and the lights and reflectors fitted. Last pic is with the lights turned on. I got some different lights for the back as these were triangle shape to match the triangle reflectors. It just needs my registration plate of my scooter putting on and it is ready for the road (and paths). There is also a better close up of the hitch to scooter.