Introduction: Mobiused Flower Shaggy Loops

These are earrings that I designed using two different types of chainmaille weaving.  I made the "Shaggy Loops" a little more pretty by adding what are called mobiused flowers. 

You will need:
2 pair of jewelry making pliers
1 pair of earwires (I use niobium)
98 rings 3/16" (the color/s to be decided by the maker) You can use anodized aluminum or enameled copper, based on your choice of metal.  I use enameled copper. 

I decided to make my "Unique et  Color" line of Mobiused Flower Shaggy Loops for this demonstration.
For EACH earring you will need to:
        Pick your colors, and open or close them depending on which colors you want in the "flowers" and which ones you want them to be built on.   There are 7 rings that will be open, and these will be the base down the middle.  On each side of the 7 open rings you will want to put the 3 rings that will make each flower.  (In my Unique et Color design, there are purple at the base with multi colors on each side.)  For each side, you will have one closed ring, and two open rings.  Then, you will make the flowers by putting the closed ring on one of the open rings and closing that ring.  Then take the third open ring and put it on BOTH of the already closed rings.  If your ring is "upside down" your flower won't look right and you just need to flip the ring.  After you do this, you should have 14 "flowers" along the 7 open base rings.  Now, you should take the bottom base ring and put two of the flowers on it, then close it.  Then you will put the next base ring through the first base ring, and put a flower on each side of the other base ring.  You will keep doing this until your at the top base ring, where you will add the earwire before closing the top ring. 

This is an incredibly easy pattern for beginners in jewelry design.  This is also one of my most requested designs. 

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