Motherboard Wall Hanging

Introduction: Motherboard Wall Hanging

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I have been doing computer repair for years, so I have lots of computer motherboards that were gathering dust on my shelves. I decided to decorate my work space with them. I started with just one. I took some picture-hanging wire and ran it through the mounting holes and hung it like a picture. Then I decided to daisy chain another one to the first, so using picture-hanging wire I connected the two using the mounting holes. If you don't have any hanging wire other options for connecting together and hanging might be bread ties, paper clips, or the wire ties they sometimes use around power cords when you buy something new. The wall hanging also makes a great place to put those technical stickers that you pick up here and there! And someday you might need a capacitor or other component that you can salvage from the motherboard. And another added bonus is you are keeping them out of the landfills!

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