Introduction: Mocha Frappe

It's been so hot here lately I will not blow anymore money on fancy, expensive frappes with super high fat and sugar contents. McDonalds is the cheapest and some of these coffee shops are charging $4.50 for a small frappe. No way! I do just drink iced coffee but sometimes want a treat.

Step 1: Gather All the Ingredients

1 1/2 C Coffee* that is room temperature or chilled, cocoa powder, sweetener, milk or non-dairy milk of your choice, ice cubes and a blender that crushes ice.

*I am aware that many coffee companies still don't decaffeinate with the water method. I normally use Tim Hortons decaf and Caribou decaf because they use arabica beans and the water method. This guarantees that your cup of coffee will have virtually no caffeine in it. If your decaf is not using this method, it uses something with chemicals. I do like Peet's House Blend decaf and Seattle's Best decaf though I'm not sure how they process it and I am not sure of the types of beans being used which means you will not only have chemicals in it, but more caffeine than you would like.

Step 2: Add Your Powders

Take approximately 1/4 C of the cold coffee and warm it up in the microwave so the cocoa powder will dissolve easily. I normally drink decaf so I also keep regular instant coffee to add as needed. I will add maybe 1/2 tsp to one tsp of the caffeinated powder if I need a pick me up some mornings. After you stir in 2 tsp cocoa powder and or instant coffee, add this back to the 1 1/2 C of cold coffee.

Step 3: Add Ice, Coffee and the Sweetened Milk

Place about 12 or so ice cubes into your blender. I have the 10 speed Osterizer with ice crush. Pour in the cold coffee and follow with 1/4 - 1/2 C milk of your choice and 1/4 - 1/2 C sweetened creamer depending on the level of sweetness. I love the Vanilla from International Delight. I only use about 1/4 C myself just to keep the sugar down. I will also combine coconut milk, original or vanilla flavor and 1% milk to keep the fat level down. You can try it with just lowfat milk or a lower fat non-dairy milk and sweetener as well if you wish to lower the fat content.

Step 4: Blend

Once you've poured all the liquids over the ice, blend on your ice crush setting which should be a pulse action.

Step 5: Drink

Enjoy! Some add whipped cream and syrups to fancy it up like Micky D's, it's your choice.

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