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Introduction: Mochi's First DIY Coat

I'm a newbie to sewing, but a pro at crochet and baking. I'm also new to jewerly making and taking …

        Hello everyone this is my first instructable, and coat I have ever made. I'm new to sewing clothes and I feel that this coat came out great for a first timer like me. This is my own design, and there is no pattern. I  use the technique draping, the tools and supplies listed below:

Tools and supplies pair of scissors

2.measuring tape of pins

4.hand sewing needles

5.paper clips

6.yardstick thread thread (can be any color)

9.old tablecloth (or curtain)

10.needle threader

11.sewing machine

12.101 essential tips basic sewing (for help with the sleeves style an my go to book for help)

13.craft flower


15.dress form (to capture the progress of my work)
   Lets get started!

Step 1:

Step1: begin by gathering all tools and supplies needed for the coat.

Step 2:

Step2: next setup your dress form in a well lite area and drape your tablecloth onto the form with the bottom side up

Step 3:

Step3: start shaping the fabric to fix the form with the pins and paper clips.

Step 4:

Step4: place clips down the center of the back, along the sides and around the armholes area for cutting later.

                                                                 (It is starting to look like a coat already)

Step 5:

Step5: then add your basting stitches on top of the shoulders with the red thread to the neckline.

Step 6:

Step6: baste the sides (which are the coat’s sleeves)

Step 7:

step7: remove the clips, sew the shoulders areas and remove basting stitches.

Step 8:

step8: cut out armholes and cut off sleeves from the coat sides.

Step 9:

Step9: sew the sleeves together and leave 8inches open for attaching to the armholes (this depends on your personal underarm measurement). Sew on the sleeves and hem the cuffs (by hands or machine whichever is easy for you)

Step 10:

Step10: remove clips and sew the dart down the center of the back of the coat

Step 11:

Step11: add your flower to the belt by sewing it by hand in the center, but keep the thread hidden. Then wrap the belt around the coat. The belt is the fastener for the coat.

Step 12:

step11: hem the under finish edges on the coat and you are done.

Step 13:

Step14: grab your favorite accessaries and hit the town with your new DIY coat! (I also crocheted the little multi-colored shoulder bag and throw in the tie because I loves)


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