Introduction: Mock M84 Stun Grenade (CSGO, PUBG, and Others)

Inspired by this project by Ajaxjones, I wanted to 3D print something similar. I don't play a ton of fallout so at first glance I thought that they looked like a strange grenade. I decided to 3D print a grenade of some sort and settled on the M84 stun grenade which appears in games such as CS:GO and PUBG.


3D printer

Paint Supplies (I used spray paint and paint tape, primer would be preferred)

Paper Clip

Key Ring

Spring Based Pen (Optional)

Step 1: 3D Printing

The Files below should be pretty easy to print. The Shell has supports already (I'm uploading one with and one without), the rest shouldn't need them. The head has small holes but would struggle on its side, I printed it with the accuracy turned up. The spoon and charge should be smooth sailing

Step 2: Painting (Pardon My Terrible Painting Skills)

I glued the bottom of the head to the top of the charge before this step but this could wait until after painting

This step is kind of up to you, and depends on what you want to recreate.

The real deal is a typically Olive drab with a dark blue, light blue or white stripe, the charge being silver or yellow, with a red tip.

CS:GO's Flashbang is a copper color, with a lighter blue stripe, and yellow charge with a red tip.

CS:GO's decoy grenade is also based off of the M84 but with a red stripe.

PUBG's Flashbang has a blue strip but the strip doesn't continue onto the spoon.

Try to clear out the pin holes before the paint dries (if the holes got plugged up.)

Step 3: Glue

I'd already glued my head to the charge, but you'll want to do that. Then glue the charge into the shell. The hole in the top of my shell was too tight, I had to sand it down a bit, I believe I fixed this for the model I'm uploading.

Step 4: Pin and Spring (optional)

I took the spring from a pen and cut about a quarter of it off. The final length was about 1 1/2 cm. You'll need to guess depending on original length and the strength of your spring. Pin I took a paper clip, rounded the end into a circle and attached a keyring. For the other pin that doesn't get pulled out, I cut a paperclip and bent it in place.

If you'd rather not deal with this spring, the paper clip as a pin would be kind of loose, you could glue it in place or find an actual pin.

If you're will to spend money, something like this should work pretty well.

Step 5: Files, and My Reflection

These are the files, one of the shells doesn't have supports.

My Project had a few small issues, all of which I believed I fixed

- Charge hole not centered

- Hexagons were weirdly shaped(4 sides longer than other 2)

- Please let me know if you find any more issues

If you know of any other games that have a item that looks similar to this, please comment about it so I can add the game to the title.

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