Introduction: Mod Podge Bowl

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Mod Podge is just one of those thing I bought for a small project and have no other use for it. So I researched a little bit and found out you can use it in the place of Paper Mache. Naturally I had to try and out came this little bowl! Channel your inner child and let your creativity out while using up some of that left over Mod Podge.

Step 1: Supplies

To create this bowl you will need:

  • Mod Podge (any type)
  • Newspaper
  • A Handful of Leaves
  • A Balloon
  • A Mason Jar
  • A Foam Brush
  • Paint (2 colors)

Step 2: Prepare to Mod Podge!

Before we can start using up some of that Mod Podge, blow your balloon up to the size that fits your bowl preferences. Tie the balloon and set it aside.

Now take the newspaper and using scissors or your hands, cut/tear it into strips. These strips should be about an inch or two in width, but the length does not matter.

Step 3: Make the Bowl Skeleton

With everything prepared it is time to start making a bowl! Take your balloon and put it in the Mason jar (small side down). Then, using the foam brush, paint Mod Podge onto one side of a newspaper strip. Lay this strip across the balloon. Repeat this with the newspaper strips until you have a layer of newspaper about the size of your imagined bowl. When placing down strips try to alternate the direction you put each one. If they are going across each other in different directions they will be stronger than if they are all going the same direction.

Then start layering. I would recommend 2 layers if you actually want to put things in it. I made mine 1 layer and it is quite flimsy.

Step 4: Paint the Outside of the Bowl

Now it is time to add some color to your bowl. Paint the newspaper whatever color you choose. I compared the paint colors I had on hand to the leaves I picked out and decided on this copper color.

Paint the newspaper completely with as many coats as necessary. I liked the little bit of newspaper showing through so I only did about 1 coat. Once you have covered it with paint let it dry for at least 10 minutes.

Step 5: Place the Leaves On

Paint Mod Podge onto each leaf and situate them around the painted bowl. You will need to hold down each one at the edges for a minute.

Step 6: Pop the Balloon

Here comes the exciting part! Pop the balloon with the push pin and watch it slowly deflate. I had gotten both Mod Podge and paint onto the balloon so some parts stuck. To help this problem just use your finger to separate the newspaper from the balloon.

As to where you put the pin to pop the balloon, I put mine at the base of the knot. I am thinking that it might slowly release the air and not do a little explosion type pop. However, I have not experimented with this so if you do let me know of your results so others can know of the best way to do this,

Step 7: Finish the Interior

With the balloon popped and the interior exposed you can shape and add a base to your bowl. Before you get to work you may want to add some reinforcements to the interior base of the bowl.I just used my newspaper scraps and some more Mod Podge to add another interior layer.

Now on to the shaping! First stretch, fold, and turn your bowl to get it looking the way you want it to. Trim the edges or give it a slant, or just leave it as is. Once the shape is how you like it, put the Mason jar where you want the flat base to be and let it sit for a few hours. This flat base will help the bowl from any rolling or slipping that might happen.

After you let it all sit for a few hours you might see some loose newspaper. If so, just give it another coat and a little bit of time to dry.

With all the Mod Podge done, it's time to paint the interior. Choose a color that accents against the exterior color (I chose gold to go against the copper) and paint away! Like with the outside paint give it as many coats as you feel comfortable with.

Step 8: Completion! (NOT DONE)

Now that you are done put whatever you want in your new bowl. Maybe some candies or keys. I put an electric candle in and it looks quite good.

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