Mod Podge Decorations

Introduction: Mod Podge Decorations

I have been experimenting and seeing what I could do with mod podge and glue. The glue is really brittle, so I don't suggest using it. It might make sense to, and if you do, layer it on THICK.

Step 1: Materials

Mod podge, wax paper, foam brush, writing utensil, paint is optional

Step 2: Drawing a Picture

This step is pretty straightforward. Just draw whatever you want.

Step 3: Add the Mod Podge

Just glop it on and spread with the foam brush to get an even coating

Step 4: Relax It Needs to Dry

Let your shape dry. In the meantime I'm going to give you a couple tips for the Instructables. Don't use glue. Once it's dry ,it's really brittle. The mod podge is flexible and doesn't break. The snowflake I have in the beginning of the instructable, is completely shattered because I made it out of glue. To pass the time, on the fine day that I am making this instructable, I would suggest going outside

Step 5: You Might Be Done

Once the mod podge is completely clear for almost completely clear peel it off and you can paint it if you wish

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