Introduction: Mod Podge Notebook

I have been wanting to make this for a while but here it is now!

Step 1: Tools

*mod podge
*brush (any paint brush would work but I prefer the sponge kind) ( see pic)
*scrapbook paper
*composition notebook ( you can do this with almost anything but I did composition notebooks
* tags ( see pic) ( we made our own but you can buy or go without them)
*fun scissors ( or regular)
*paper bowl
*garbage bag / place mat( something to keep the table clean

Step 2: Cut

Cut to your heart's content
Cut flowers and pictures and more

Step 3: Placing

Figure out were you want your paper mix and match! Have fun with this!

When your happy with your placing move to pasting!

Step 4: Paste

Glue the book the place your paper the glue over the top of them. Do this layer by layer

Step 5: Notes

Great gift idea don't glue the pages together!!!