Introduction: Mod That Cord Reel

So you got a reel to keep your cord from being unruly, but it's still isn't to your liking. Let's see if we can't tie up some loose ends. Shall we?

Step 1: Drill Holes. Then Some More Holes.

That's all I did was drill small holes on one side of the "spokes" then just used a wire (bread bag tie) to tie the ends to the wall. I also like a 2 food lead to plug into the wall, and with it being easier to wrap the cord inside the reel than outside of it, I drilled a larger hole to tuck it back in for a proper rapping.

Step 2: Option #2

You didn't know there was going to be a second option. Well that's because I didn't tell you earlier.
So I saw this on an ad on YouTube, and being a maker like we all are on here, I had that thought of "Puuuuffffff! I can make that".

A Gatoraid lid is about the right size that it still allows the cord to go on ether side and not cause problems. With this being the first time I've ever glued plastic I thought that scuffing up the plastic would be a good idea and used Krazy glue. Because, heck, it's one of the 3 universal tools (along with WD40 and duct tape). But nope, it didn't work. I'm no chemist, though. But I did glue the crap out of it with Gorilla glue and threw a ratchet strap to put it in its place.

This did take a bit longer waiting for the glue to dry, but the results came out nicer. Although, I'm not sure I like the reel in the middle of me and where it's plugged into (because it's doubled up). To tie it off I just tucked it under one of the previous wraps.