Introduction: Model Rocket Car

Attatching a model rocket car to the top or side of a mini hotwheels car.

suplies for car-
-any Hotwheels car
-C model rocket motor with ignition
-Duck tape
-Zip Ties
-Pen tube or staw
-12 volt battery
-binder clip
Suplies for track-
-12 gage steel wire
-L bracket
-Wood Screws
-16' X 4' X 3' wood plank
Verneer Photo Gates and program

Step 1: Assembling the Car

1. Attach the straw or pen tube to the hotwheels car. Using what ever method prefferable to you. what we did was drill a hole through the windsheild and back window. The n stuck the pen tube through it. Make sure the en tube or staw is secure, To secure you might use hot glue. The pen tube is used to put a wire through to keep the car going straight.
2. the next thing is you attach the model rocket motor to the top of the car using Zip Ties to secure the Zip Ties further use duck tape around them. Make sure the wheels ae able to move if you are to push the car. Make sure that you have the ignitor in correctly.

Step 2: Assembling the Track

To set up the track you need to measure out 6 meters, the n cut the board. Screw the L brackets to the each of the ends. measure out 10 cm from where the L bracket is and that is where the first Photo Gate goes.Wrap the wire to the end of  both of the L brackets make sure the car is on the wire and it is facing the right way. The photo gates are to be placed 1 meter apart.

Step 3: Falures

The problems we had was the car collecting data. The first time another student deleted our data. The next time we figured out that the zip tie that was ment to pass through the photo gate to collect the time bent backwards and didn't break the laser. So the next time we used something we thought was more strerdy but unfortunatly that didn't work either. The first photo gate showed us a time but the rest didn't. After the car hit the end and the smoke was blazing the smoke triggered the last photogate and gave us a fake time.