Introduction: Model Rocket Payload

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This rocket payload can snuggly fit a Lego person in it with the top on. It has been made to fit on a 1/2" thin wall PVC pipe with the pipe sanded out a little.

P.S. all units are in Millimeters and units go LxWxH


  • A computer
  • Tinker Cad
  • A 3D printer (or pay someone to print it for you)

Step 1: Designing the Payload Body

First, grab three cylinders and place them on the work plane. Then take two of the cylinders and resize it to be 27mm by 27mm. After that, take the last one and resize that one to be 17.63mm by 17.80mm. Then make the height 10mm. Finally, take one of the 27mm by 27mm and make that height at 2mm.

Step 2: Making the Payload Body

Now take the other 27mm by 27mm and size the height to 45mm. Then grab a hole cylinder and make the measurements 24.75mm by 24.75mm and the height 54mm. After that, align and group the two-cylinders together.

Step 3: Almost Done With the Body

Now take the 27x27x2 cylinder and align it with the 27x27x45 one. Group both of those shapes together. When that's done click on the whole shape and raise it up 4mm off the work plane.

Step 4: Finishing the Payload Body

Finally, take the last cylinder and align it with the payload body. After that, group those shapes together to finish off the payload body.

Step 5: The Nose Cone

Now take three more cylinders and a paraboloid. Make one of the cylinders 27 x 27x 2.05. Then another one 24.75 x 24.75 x 2. Finally the last one, as 19.62 x 19.62 x 9.76. For the Paraboloid, it will be 27 x 27 x 22.23.

Step 6: More Nose Cone

Now, take the paraboloid and raise it up 4mm. Then, take the 27 x 27 x 2.05 and 19.62 x 19.62 x 9.76 and raise those up 4mm also.

Step 7: Putting the Nose Cone Together

Take the two thin cylinders and align them together. MAKE SURE THE 27 x 27 GOES ON TOP. Then bring the 27 x 27 down 2mm. After that, take the 19.62 x 19.62 x 9.76 and align that with the other two shapes. Finally, group those three shapes together.

Step 8: Adding the Paraboloid

Now take the paraboloid and align it with the shape you just made. Then group those two shapes together.

Step 9: Final Model

Ta-da you have successfully created a pay-load that could fit a lego person in.

Step 10: Final Toughts

I have shot a rocket with this nose cone before it works. but you do have to add some tape so the nose cone part won't fly off. Because of that, I would extend the bottom piece on the nose cone by a little. But, anyway it's a really cool model rocket piece.

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