Introduction: Model Superheroes: Silver Surfer

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Today, we are going to be making a model of the Silver Surfer. This is a pretty easy model to do, as there aren't any tiny details. So what you need is:

Coffee Stirrer Piece (Or anything like a surfboard)

Silver Paint

Paint Brush


Pocket Knife

Step 1: Specialization

So, once you've chosen your figure, you should make sure that he/she doesn't have things that aren't needed. I.e. I used a pocket knife to cut the gun out of this figures hands.

Step 2: Painting and Gluing

Now, you need to paint the figure and his board, in this case, silver for the Silver Surfer. Once you do that, you'll want to use a strong glue, I like a special type that glues when hit with black light, but it is you can also use superglue, white glue, hot glue, anything. It's your choice. Now you leave it to set and you're done!

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