Introduction: Model and Print a Halloween Pumpkin | SelfCAD

About: Student at the Faculty of Civil Engineering at the Silesian University of Technology

Hello! Halloween is coming so it's a great opportunity to create something seasonal - a pumpkin, of course. To do it we will use SelfCAD, a browser-based 3D modeling software. I am going to show how you can easily model a pumpkin shape and cut a face in it.


  • SelfCAD account
  • 3D Printer

Step 1: Create a New Project

If you are new to SelfCAD, please read this instructable first. There you can find some useful information about creating a new account and creating a new project.

In this project, our model won't be wider than 6 cm so you can create a small workspace. I decided to enter value 200 in the Workspace size.

Step 2: Add a Sphere to the Scene

Add a sphere to the scene and set its radius to 25mm. The sphere should consist of many vertical and horizontal segments.

Step 3: Sculpt the Upper Part of Sphere

Use Sculpting to model a pumpkin shape. To do it you can use a standard brush or inflate brush, but I think the second one is better here. First, set the negative mode (minus sign), then increase the intensity to 40 (of course you can change this value if you think that 40 is too much or too low). Sculp the upper part of the sphere to hollow it out.

Step 4: Sculpt the Bottom Part of Sphere

Do the same in the bottom part, but the hole should be smaller shallower here. The sphere still doesn't look like a pumpkin, so now...

Step 5: Sculpt the Sides

Change the brush mode to positive and increase the intensity to 80. Move the brush vertically from top to bottom of the pumpkin. Create such stripes around the sphere. Don't worry if the bulges are not even, the pumpkin looks more natural then.

Step 6: Draw an Eye

When our pumpkin looks like a pumpkin, we can draw a face. There are endless possibilities here, the only limit is your imagination. You can draw your own face or still follow me. I suggest you draw all elements in separate objects. Why? Because if you draw the entire face in one object, you can have problems with changing it. But if you have eyes, nose and mouth separately, you can delete for example only the mouth and draw it again.

So first I draw an eye. Choose Free Hand and change the plane from Bottom/Top to Back/Front. You can also change the Offset slightly so that the plane is in front of the pumpkin. Use Line Sketch draw the first eye. Apply your drawing to create a mesh.

Step 7: Move the Eye

Move the eye so that it intersects with the pumpkin.

Step 8: Create the Second Eye

Select the eye and find Mirror tool in Utilities. Check the Create Copy option and from the list above choose Right. Move the copied eye.

Step 9: Draw a Nose and Mouth

Draw the rest of the face the same way as you did it with the eye. Remember to apply the drawing after finishing each part (I changed the mouth three times ;) )

Step 10: Move the Drawings

Move each part of the face so that they all intersect with the pumpkin. The result should look like in the picture.

Step 11: Cut the Face Out

Select all objects and Use Stitch&Scoop, Difference to cut all face parts out of the pumpkin.

Step 12: Model a Peduncle

Add a cylinder to the scene and set its top radius to 2, bottom radius to 1, height to 8 and horizontal segments to 2. Apply the object and move it to the top of the pumpkin, where the peduncle should be. Move slightly the top polygon of the cylinder.

Step 13: Print the Pumpkin

Group the peduncle with the pumpkin and open SelfCAD slicer by clicking 3D Print. Remember about the support, which should be easy to remove from the holes.

With this line patterned support the pumpkin looks scary, doesn't it?

Save the GCode and print your pumpkin!

Step 14: