Introduction: Model Railroad Collection - Radio Controlled (garden Railway?) - 100% 3D-printable, LEGO Connectable

Back from the moment of my decision of buying a 3D printer I was intending to design something that would spectacularly show the possibilities of this new

"world of creation". I also wanted to make something "like no other", for my kids, to play with, not available on regular market.... To show them the stages of materializing the ideas into designs and then into real objects - with the use of technology.
So... ended with actually complete railroad environment - scalable to other model scales, connectable to LEGO tracks and entirely 3D printable even on small 3D printers. It is highly optimized for printing (no support needed, does well with all main process like FDM SLS SLA ) and for assembly: no metal parts needed, minimal toolset required..

The "Euroreprap Railroad Collection/System" currently consists of:
-carriages (3 types - more to come)
-locomotives (currently 3 versions, including one electrified radio-controlled)
-tracks (including fully working turnouts with point indicators (!))
-semaphore (fully working - mechanically operated)

Other types of objects are on the list and are succesively being released...

If you'd like to get your own set, you may purchase the models for 3D printing them, more info (e.g. free versions and options) will appear here:

and here is the main source:

Here I'd like to present the STEP BY STEP INSTRUCTIONS of assembly for the models. Each model has its own free pdf explaining the assembly, therefore there are multiple "sub-instructables" covered here, letting you get knowing the process of building your own copy of "Euroreprap Railroad Collection" models...
Hope you like the designs... :)

Step 1: First: Some Links to Animated GIF's

Step 2: Now, Assembly Instructions (pdf) for the Chosen Models...

Thank you :)

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