Introduction: Modeling Clay Slug

My other creation of clay that came to life, booohahahahaha. Simple yet very nice looking model to keep you entertained. I watched a movie and it hit me to make this and place them all over my neighbors lawn. Maybe you will find a much more entertaining use for it but it is a fun build and very quick to do.

Step 1: Roll Out Clay

Make the clay into the color that you like by mixing a bunch of clays together and shape the blob into a baseball bat shape. The larger end would be the head and the smaller end the tail. Bend the rolled up clay into the shape you see here. But any shape would do as long as it does not fall over when resting on its own.

Step 2: Making the Mouth

Mark out the outline of the mouth using a toothpick or any other thin object you can get your hands on. Make a 1 cm deep tract all around to remove the inside bit. Using a small screwdriver a removed the inside bit and created a hole for the mouth. I then used my little finger to smooth out the inside of the mouth so it looks presentable. Depending on the size of your slug you could remove more clay to give a feeling of depth to your screaming slug.

Step 3: That Awesome Smile

Teeth on this model are very important as it is the main feature. I rolled two lengths of white clay and made it slightly flat and created impressions using a toothpick every 5mm or so. Then attach the teeth to the bottom and top of the mouth

Step 4: The Lips

To create the lips simply roll out a piece of red clay. Must be a uniform diameter. Apply the lips starting from the bottom as that is where the tongue is going to cover any imperfection with the join. Cover the margin of the mouth and the area where the teeth join to the bottom and top.

Step 5: The Tongue

Use a piece of pink or red clay to make a tongue that will be wide enough to fit into the mouth. The tongue will cover the overlap created at the lip join and can be moulded to the desired shape. Can make it straight, curved, curled or whatever you can come up with. Make an impression down the centre of the tongue to give it a more realistic feel. I also used a paintbrush to create some taste buds to make it look even more realistic. Just dap the paintbrush onto the tongue to make tiny impressions. Attach the tongue to the inside of the mouth by pressing it to the back of the throat with your pinky finger.

Step 6: The Eyes

Now for the fun part. Your slug can look at the world through a new set of eyes. To make them take a toothpick and trim it in half. Leave the pointy ends as you will use them to fix the eyes to the head. The eyes are elevated as with most slugs. Cover the half toothpick with the same material you removed from the mouth as it would maintain the same color. Create a ball for the eyeball and place a layer of white on the front. You can use a black marker to put in an eyeball or use black clay. When satisfied push the eye into the top of the head. There may be some overlap on the join so take a small piece of rolled out clay to cover the join in a circular fashion. Now for the other eye.

Step 7: Finished Product

There you have it. Once finished you can add impressions where the body bends to give it a more realistic look. Enjoy making this. It is a rewarding feeling having people admire your work