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I based this design off of a few different clock designs I found on Pinterest. I like the modern geometric style.

Let's get to it!


  • Materials for the clock face. 1/8" think acrylic, wood, or something similar
  • Clock kit. I used this one:
  • Painters tape
  • Adhesive, I used super glue
  • Optional spray paint or vinyl

Step 1: Cut Out Clock Face Pieces

To do this you'll need a laser cutter. I used an epilog laser to cut out these pieces.

If you don't have a laser, send me a message or an email to I'm thinking about offering the clock face components on Etsy so you can make your own if you don't have a laser cutter.

I've included the file as a .pdf and an Illustrator file for you to utilize.

This idea can be used with a variety of materials and colors for invite design options. I used 1/8" acrylic and 1/8" wood for mine.

Step 2: Optional: Paint or Cover in Vinyl

I'm actually making this during the Coronavirus outbreak so I was trying to utilize materials I already had on hand without having to go to the store.

So it would be ideal to just use the color material you'd like if possible. Alternatively, you can spray paint it or cover it with vinyl like I did.

Step 3: Glue It Together

Begin by placing your pieces together face up as you'd like them to fit together. Have someone help you to hold it together tightly as you tape it with painters tape. This will make sure it doesn't shift on you when you're gluing it.

Tip: Use the negative pieces from your cutout to help you align it all up.

I used super glue because that's what I had on hand. But use whatever adhesive is most appropriate to attach the back piece to the front face pieces.

Glue it together according to the instructions. Clamp it together if necessary and let it fully cure.

Step 4: Assemble the Clock Mechanism

Assemble the clock mechanism according the instructions included.

I used this kit: which works perfectly with the template I included previously.

I've never put together a clock before but it's pretty straightforward.

I also made sure to get a silent sweeping clock because I didn't want that constant ticking sound.

Step 5: Install and Enjoy!

All that's left to do is hang it up and enjoy being on time!

Please let me know your thoughts on this project, if you try it yourself, along with any ways to improve this design.

– Travis

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