Introduction: Modern Clock

I made a new clock from old part laying around... i used screws for the numbers in the dial.I think this makes the clock a bit different from others.

do you like it? :)

Step 1: Things You Need

>Wall Clock Mechanism

>some screws



>plastic wood (or any thing which will work fine as dial and easy to drill)

Step 2: Preparing Clock Dial

firstly you need to measure the size of the clock machine.Then draw a box on the plastic wood as measured size .Then carefully cut the plastic wood and put the machine in that case. as the machine is black i colour so i decided to print a dial which is available on internet (or you can make your own) . this printed dial will help to hide clock machine.

Step 3: Making Numbers

Next I print numbers on a graph paper and glue the numbers on the plastic wood.Then i fill up the numbers body with some screws.

As plastic wood is not so hard so in this case i use screw driver to do this.if you choose a hard think as your dial then it will be better to drill some hole first.

Step 4: Finishing

if you follow all steps then your modern clock is ready to rock ... :)

i know my design is very simple but you can make complicated one using more screws!!

The key idea of this project was from brydanger's "Modern Industrial House Numbers" :)