Introduction: Modern Corrugate Hanging Lamp

This design was inspired by my current internship, I work at a packaging design company and interact with corrugate sheets everyday. This instructable will show you how to make a modern hanging lamp without breaking the bank.


2 part epoxy


Clamp light from lowes

Step 1: Gather Supplies

This instructable will require a

Clamp light from lowes

LED Bulbs also available at lowes

PLA filament

To begin unhinge the clamp light from the aluminum dish, just unscrew the clamp holding it all together to reveal a single light fixture

Step 2: Creating the Fushion 360 File

First Open up fashion 360.

Create a sketch on the bottom plane, draw a circle with a radius of 3.8

Copy the sketch on the image above and use the circular pattern

Step 3: Extrude

Extrude the sketch and edit form

Once you edit from go to modify and select an edge

Manipulate the edge until you see fit or matches the design

After your design is where you want it, thicken to 0.20

Step 4: Cut a Hole for the Light Fixture

Construct an offset plane from the bottom till it is above the model

Sketch a hole on the new offset plane and cut down

Step 5: Create the Supports for the Fixture

Create another offset plane, this time around the top of the model

Extrude up a circle around the hole, offset the sketch around the hole .3 inches

Step 6: Cut Holes for the Switch

Create a sketch at the top of the model, make a square that is .3 x .3 and cut

Make sure to fillet all sharp edges after

Step 7: Export Your File As a STL and Bring Into Cura

Make sure your file prints upright, also make sure that adhesion and supports are checked on and also 20% infill

Step 8: Print

Print your file, I like to keep my extruder at 235 and my bed at 65 for PLA

Step 9: Sand and Prepare

After your file is printed do a light sanding with 180 grit and move up to 250 grit sandpaper

Step 10: Use 2 Part Epoxy to Adhere Lighting Fixture to Print

Mix up the 2 part epoxy and apply around the rim of the fixture

then push fixture into the print and set down on its side to dry

allow proper drying time also only use in a well ventilated area

Step 11: Screw in Your Bulb and Enjoy!

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