Introduction: Modern Doghouse

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I wanted a doghouse I could build in a day that looked good and was inexpensive (and fairly simple) to put together. This plan worked great, finished up well and was an easy 1-day build (and that included painting!)


  • 2 sheets of 19/32" plywood (I bought Pine Rated Sheathing from Lowes)
  • Either 1-1/4" or 1-1/2" exterior grade screws
  • Acrylic Paint + roller + paint tray
  • 2 pieces of 3/4" PVC pipe (pipe is screwed onto the bottom to get the plywood off of the ground.)
  • Cordless Drill
  • Circular Saw
  • Jig Saw
  • Caulk + caulk gun

Step 1: Cuts

Have your lumber supplier do your big cuts for easy transport.

First sheet:

  • Split it in half (you will have 2x 4'x4' panels - These will be your base & roof)

Second sheet:

  • Create 3x 30" sections. This will leave you with about a 6" strip. These 3 panels will be 30" x 48" each.
  • First panel - cut it in half - 30" x 24" (x2 - these will be your front & back)
  • 2nd and 3rd panels - remove 12" from one end. This will produce 2 pieces 30" x 36". (These will be your 2 sides)
  • The remaining 12"x30" pieces you will glue together (sandwich fashion) to form the "porch roof"

Step 2: Attach PVC to the Bottom...

This step was simple. Cut the PVC and screw them to the bottom. I had my boys mark and predrill holes along the length of the pipe, then secure them with exterior grade wood screws about 6" from the edge of the plywood.

Step 3: Final Cuts

Find your 2 side panels (30" x 36")/ For the roof slope - measure 3" down from the top on the long side of BOTH side panels - and draw a line from this point all the way to the corner. Cut this with a Circular Saw. Both sides should match.

For the back panel, mark 3" down on both sides, draw a straight line and cut 3" from one end. 30" x 24" front piece and 27" x 24" for the back.

For the front, measure in from the sides 4" and pencil a line on both sides. 1/3 from the top, draw a line (10" down from the top). Cut this opening out (this will be the door.) We used a circular saw to cut the long straight sides, and a jig saw to cut the top of the doorway.

Step 4: Assemble It...

I painted both sides before assembling things.

  • Secure the back piece 3" from the back edge with an angle bracket. Held in place with 4 screw. This provides a set point, and anchors the house to the base.
  • Secure the sides to the back. Back is 3" shorter than the front - so make sure the slope of the sides is correct before securing. I used 3-screws on both sides to affix the side to the back wall.
  • Drop the front door in place and secure it to the sides. 3 screws on this piece as well (per board and side).
  • Use angle brackets to secure the 2 sides to the base.
  • Using 2 angle brackets - I secured the "porch roof" just a couple inches above the top of the doorway opening. You can further drill from the backside into the boards to ensure it is amply fastened.

For the ROOF of the house:

  • Place the half sheet of plywood - centered on the top, overhanging on each side.
  • Use a door hinge - attached on the back underside of the panel and to the back side of the dog house.
  • While 1 will work, 2 are preferable for stability.
  • You may consider a latch on the front side of the dog house should there be a gust of wind that could blow the roof open.

Caulk ALL joints - particularly where the doghouse attaches to the floor (prevent leaking!)

Step 5: Add a Solar Powered Porch Light...

I picked up a solar powered yard light (about $5 at Lowes). I took it apart - removing the post that goes into the ground. With a hack saw, I cut the bottom off of the clear plastic shrowd (cutting the piece off that fit into the post before).

  • I centered the light and positioned it in the front 1/3 of the board.
  • I marked the board loosely where I wanted the light - penciled a circle big enough for the clear plastic piece to fit.
  • I drilled holes around the perimeter of the the inside of the circle. This gave me places to insert the jig saw blade for cutting out the circle.
  • Using the jig saw - I cut out the circle following closely to the line.
  • I inserted the light into the hole - securing it with white acrylic caulk. Once it set up, I attached the light side (holds the LED, battery and solar cell) to the embedded cover. When night falls, the light turns on and stays lit for hours.

Step 6: Here Is the Basic House Completed...

I have more I want to do. I plan on trimming the house out with 1/4" boards cut down from a 2x4, and will either shingle the roof with asphalt or wooden shingles. In the meantime - it is an easy to build, great looking, modern style dog house.

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