Modern Dollhouse Made From Plywood.

Introduction: Modern Dollhouse Made From Plywood.

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Welcome back. This time i'm building a modern style dollhouse for my daughter's birthday. she turned 5 years old(young) last week. enjoy the build and if you have any questions about this project. please ask!

Step 1: The Materials You Need.

This modern dollhouse is made from 9mm, 12mm and 18mm plywood. (3/4") The two sidewalls are 80x35cm. the first and second floor are 60x35cm. the backwall is made from 12mm plywood. The paint is a water besed white coloured paint. the legs are from an old table.

Step 2: The Build.

i started with the backwall. i cut it on the right size. after that i started with bot side walls, the roof. next step were both floors.

Step 3: Cutting the Windows and Putting Wood Filler.

When this all was finished i started with the windows. meassured them and cut them out with my jigsaw. After this i could fill all the screw holes and small gaps with wood filler. sanded it down with my orbit sander and 120 grit sand paper. Just to get a very smooty result.

Step 4: Painting the House and Putting the Legs On.

Now it is time for painting. i used a water based wite paint wich is safe for kids. First step you have to do is cleaning everything. for a good and smooth paint finish. i gave it two coats of paint. The legs are from an old coffee table. those were perfect for this house. just had to cut off 15cm for a perfect hight.

Step 5: The Result.

this is the result. Now hoping my daughter will like this! fingers crossed!

if you have any question or like to share your opinion. please add a comment below!

see you all nect time!

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