Introduction: Modern Fishtail Loom Bracelet

About: I really like looming and upcycling!

Today, I am going to show you how to make a Modern Fishtail. This is a bracelet I designed myself. I hope you like it!


Step 1: Get Your Supplies

You will need:

  • A loom hook
  • Loom bands (1-2 colors makes it easy to keep track. There is no exact amount of bands)
  • A looming mechanism of some sort (something with 2 pins like a normal loom board, a mini lom, a monster tail, an alpha loom, a loominator, a finger loom, homemade loom, etc)
  • C/S clip

Step 2: The Bracelet

Okay. I'm hoping you get it by the pictures, but if you like reading instructions, here goes.

  1. PIC 1 - Do your first band across the two pins like a lazy eight.
  2. PIC 2 - Add two more loom bands on top.
  3. PIC 3 - Like a fishtail, loop the bottom band up and over the top.
  4. PIC 4 - Place your next band on and loop the bottom band from only one side.
  5. PIC 5 - Put on your next loom band and loop the bottom two from the other side.
  6. PIC 6 - Add another band and loop the two bottom bands from the other side of Step 5.
  7. NO PIC - Repeat Steps 5+6 until your desired length.
  8. NO PIC - You've now got it at the length you want. To make it easier to put a clip on, you need to keep looping the bottom bands (add no bands along the way) until you have just one band on.
  9. PIC 8 - Take it off the loom and add a C/S clip.

Step 3: Show People

Now you've finished! You can wear it and share it! I hope you liked my design as it's my first original one. Plz comment! Thanks!