Large Clock Using MDF/veneer

Introduction: Large Clock Using MDF/veneer

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Drawings and bill of materials for a large, 2-sided grandfather clock. MDF was used for the body and supports, as it is easy to work with and shape. Two clock faces are required (one for front and back). We used cheap ones from Target, which may or may not still be available. If not, you’ll need to alter dimensions as required to fit. General drawings and a few construction photos are attached. Once all the pieces were cut, they were assembled as shown in the exploded drawing views. In the actual clock, a lot of the center supports were oversized and channels routed into the side pieces to ensure easy assembly. Once assembled, we covered cut some veneer into squares and used contact cement to attach the veneer to create a checkerboard pattern.

Step 1: Cut Pieces From MDF & Bending Plywood

Step 2: Assembly Supports

Step 3: Assemble Body

Step 4: Add Veneer & Finish

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    Question 1 year ago

    What is the program do you use for the assemblies details?