Introduction: Modern Minimalist TV Stand

About: I'm a woodworker/maker on YouTube

This tv unit is made from 19mm plywood and the top and drawer fronts are laminated oak panels.

Step 1: Breaking Down the Sheets of Plywood

The first job was to cut the sheets down. I started by first breaking them up into manageable sizes, then I refined them further using a home made track for my circular saw. It's made from 2 sheets of MDF, using the factory edge as a guide. Generally the factory edge is close to straight so it works well.

Once I had the sheets cut down I used a router to cut rabbets and grooves into the sheets. These add a small amount of strength but they're mainly used to help align the panels and flatten them as you join them. These panels that I used were quite warped in places, so being able to pull it flat as you glue up, using screws and a flat edge, really helps.

Step 2: Glue and Screw

Next I glued and screwed the parts together. Before adding the top I drilled out some 50mm cut outs. with a hole saw, at the back of the middle shelf. This would allow the unit to be flush against the wall, and the cables could run down through the cut outs.

Step 3: Prep and Paint

For paint I used a primer coat, then 2 layers of acrylic, low sheen paint. Between coats I added some filler to any imperfections.

I also finished the oak panel top. This is a pre-made panel from my local hardware store.

Step 4: Make and Fit the Drawers

To work out the width of the drawers I measured the bottom panel (in this case I used some more of the 19mm plywood), 2 sides and the drawer runners. Using this I could cut my bottom panels to length and build the drawers up from there.

I glued and screwed the sides using clamps to hold them as I worked.

Once the drawers were build I could attached the drawer slides. I started with the outer half of the slide, attaching it to the inside of the cabinet. Then I screwed the inner half of the drawer slide to the bottom of the drawer.

I lined up the top drawer slide using a piece of scrap wood.

Step 5: Add the Drawer Fronts

The drawer fronts were made using the same oak paneling, except this was a smaller panel than the one before.

I started by cutting it down to fit in the cavity of the cabinet. Once it was a snug fit I cut it in half and trimmed the sides so there was a 1.5mm reveal all the way around each drawer front. I used window spacers to help with alignment.

I marked out for the handles and, using a drill press, punched through. then I could put the drawer fronts against the drawers and continue that holes through. Then I could screws the handles in from the inside of the draw.

Step 6: Add the Top and Call It a Day

The last step was to screw the top in from underneath and it was done!