Introduction: Modern Outdoor Table With Metal Base

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In this Instructable I'll show you how I made this outdoor table with a welded metal base. I got more creative with the metal work on this project and I love how it turned out!

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Step 1: Gather Tools and Materials

Tools Used


  • 3/4'' Steel Bar
  • 2 1/2'' Steel Flat Bar
  • 3/4'' Steel Angle Iron
  • Tropical Hardwood Decking Boards
  • Self Etching Primer
  • Matte Black Paint

Step 2: Layout and Cut the Legs

I sketched up a cool geometric design for the legs in my CAD program. To make it easy to visualize and cut I laid it out on a sheet of metal with a silver pen.

I used the 3/4'' bar stock on it to determine where to make my cuts. Then I cut out each piece with cold saw. This way I didn't have to determine angles, just mark and cut to the lines.

Step 3: Weld the Table Legs

Next I prepped the metal pieces where they would be joined by grinding bevels on the ends. I tacked the pieces together and then welded each area.

I had a few tricky angles to work with but I was able to clamp them when needed and make adjustments to get it done.

When the welding was finished I used a 7'' grinder to smooth everything down.

Step 4: Add Top Connectors to Table Legs

I cut some 2-1/2'' flat bar to size that I welded to the top of each leg in order to attach the table. I added some holes along the flat bar which will allow me to attach each board with screws.

I welded the table legs to the flat bar with a full bead for a strong joint. Having a friend hold them in place is always a bonus :)

Step 5: Connect the Table Legs

With the table legs done, I just needed to connect them with the long stretchers for added stability. I cut the first bar where I had I marked it, and then I tacked and welded that stretcher in place.

For the second stretcher I laid out the bar, marked where it would intersect the first stretcher, cut it and welded the first piece in place.

I then laid out the remaining bar so that it would finish the span, marked it, cut it and welded it into place as well.

Step 6: Mill the Wood for Table Top

I used tropical hardwood decking boards for this project. However they were wider than I wanted, so I ripped them down on the table saw to 2-1/2'' wide each.

I put a chamfer around the top edge of each board using a 45 degree chamfer bit.

Finally I ran them through the planer to knock them down to 3/4'' thick to match the look of the table legs.

Step 7: Weld the Table Top Frame

I decided to wrap the top of the table with a 3/4'' angle iron frame. I used a cold saw to cut the miters on the metal and welded them up on alternating corners to keep the frame from warping.

I also added a flat cross bar to hold the boards in place in the middle.

Step 8: Apply Finish to the Wood and Metal Base

I laid out the wood pieces for the table top in a pattern that was pleasing to the eye and then applied a penetrating oil to all of the boards.

To finish the base, I used a self-etching primer and then followed that up with a few coats of matte black paint.

Step 9: Assemble the Table

To assemble the top of the table, I put in one board at a time and predrilled and screwed it to the center of the flat bar. I attached the boards with 5/8'' screws and used a putty knife to establish a small gap between each board for water drainage when outside.

Once that was done, I flipped the top back over and put it on the base. I attached the table top to the legs through the holes I drilled earlier to finish it off.

Be sure to watch the video above, and if you like it please subscribe to my YouTube channel!

And if you like the Instructable please vote for me for the Metalworking Contest!

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