Introduction: Modern Plywood Table

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Tools Required

Circular Saw





Materials required

1. 3/4" thick 4'x8' plywood board

2. Vase

Step 1: Making the Cuts

I'm using a 3/4" thick 4x8' board of Baltic Birch Plywood

I trimmed off the other side of the board so i could use the factory edge as a straight edge for my circular saw ( this helped a lot)

I measured 16" in and then cut longways down the board (view pic #1)

I angled my blade to 45 degrees and cut it in strips (view pic #2)

Top/Bottom - For the top and the bottom I cut it at lengths of 3' (measuring from longest edge)

I then cut grooves for the support to be seated at a depth of approx. 1/2" and 2" across (view pic #3)

Sides - For the side heights I cut it at 13 1/2 " (measuring from longest edge)

Inner Support - I fit to the height of the table + both grooves. For the width across i cut to the leght of the groove + groove in the side

Hole for Vase

I purchased a cylindrical vase (from local craft store or amazon) and used its base to draw a template around it

I drilled holes around the edges big enough for jigsaw blade (view pic #4)

Used a jigsaw to cut out the shape and sanded to fitment

Step 2: Assembly

To help support the joint I placed tape along the edges of the pieces and folded them together to ensure proper fitment

After I confirmed proper fitment I then applied wood glue to the edges and assembled all the pieces together

I used a strap clamp to hold the pieces together which would ensure a stronger bond between the wood and the glue

Let the wood glue fully dry which should take several hours depending on the temperature.

Step 3: Finishing

Fill any cracks or imperfections with wood glue or wood putty

Sand down once dried and remove the excess


I taped off the edges of the table to protect the plywood pattern

Then add a coat of primer followed by a coat of paint onto the inside of the table

Once the paint has dried remove the tape and cover over the wood with three coats of polyurethane to protect the wood finish


I then placed stones (Amazon) into the jar

along with several stalks of lucky bamboo I purchased (Home depot)

Step 4: Admire Your Handy-work