Introduction: Modern Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table (Pallet/Skid Table)

Got the idea from instructable member keremulu ( but I didn't really like his use of castor wheels because to me they took away from the "old and new" look I wanted. So instead I went with a simple steel "C" shape as legs; and I must say it looks really good. 

All you'll need to make your own is a wood pallet (skid), and two 48inch long, 1 1/2 wide, (1/8th inch thick) steel flat rod from Home Depot, some screws and glue; and of course the know how to put it all together. 

This project took about a total of 2 days to compete and I still have to paint the legs, and varnish the table (with the weather getting colder those things are probably not going to happen till next spring/summer). All in all this table proved to be well worth the time and effort I put in and it really adds to my gaming room. 

If you want to build your own, I'd refer you to keremulu's excellent instructable (see link above) as thats what I did, and mine turned out pretty good.