Introduction: Modern Snow White Makeup Tutorial

HI! I'm Rose!

Step 1: Prep the Face!

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1. I will take some lotion to moisturize my face and clear any rough spots.

2. I am mixing a full coverage foundation with a white face paint to get a lighter skin color just like Snow Whites skin.

3. Now I am going in with more of the white face paint to highlight the bridge of the nose, forehead, chin, and cupids bow to make these points stand out on the face.

4. Quick Tip!- If you use a little hair spray on your finger or on a toothbrush you can take the baby hairs away from you face by brushing them into your hair.

5. Now i'm blending it all in with a beauty blender to give our self a flawless face!

6. We are now contouring the face with a concealer that is two shades darker them my normal skin and blending it in. Then i set that with a bronzer so it will stay on all day!

7. Now i am going in with a bit of a translucent setting powder and putting that on my T zone. The T Zone is where or skin gets the most oily so we put powder there to make it matte.

Step 2: Making the Eyes POP!

8. I put down a base color to mask my veins.

9. I took a warm brown to define the crease.

10. taking a white eyeliner i am putting that on my water line which will make the eyes appear larger and then i am using it on the inner corners to brighten my eyes.

11. Taking a black liquid eyeliner i am making a thick line and making use I don't wing it out. Winging eye liner out will my your eyes appear to have an almond shape and we want our eyes to be wide.

12. Now i went in with a black to deepen the crease a little bit more just for some extra depth in the eye and don't forget to blend it out.

13. I took some mascara and swept the wand up to make my eyes appear larger and open. Don't forget to do the bottom lashes but don't overload them with too much mascara because it will make the eyes droop.

Step 3: Shaping the Brows and Plumping the Cheeks!

14. I am taking an eye shadow and swiping it through my brows.

15. Now I took a bright pink blush and dusted it on my cheek bones and swept it back.

16. I wanted my brows to be a bit more like hers. I took a concealer and made the top of my brows more rounded and carved out my brows. this made them pop and have hard crisp lines.

Step 4: Luscious Red Lips

17. I am taking a lip stain and lining my lips. Lining your lips will make you lips look more full.

18. I then grabbed a DIY lip stick i made from a red crayon.

19. To make my lips look glossy i look a Gloss that was pure red and put that on my lips!

Step 5: Finished!

20. I did a couple finishing touches that included highlighting with a shimmery gold eye shadow and cleaning up my lips with a concealer!

21. Were all finished, I hope you enjoyed and thank you for Checking it out!

-Rose <3

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