Introduction: Modern Wall Unit From Recycle

Inside every human being, there is a carpenter. This beautiful wall unit comes totally free. Visiting a friend who works in a furniture company, I saw some workers throwing away brand new drawers of different sizes and colors. Being an enemy of waste and litter, I asked why. They explained that these drawers are rejected by customers due to finish flaws, or scratches during delivery. Every day they dump like 3 or 4. So I collected some of them, and brought them home for a face lift.

Step 1: First Ideas

My first intention was to use one or two as crates for tools in the car. But when I saw this variety of sizes, I knew something better can be extracted. Here they are..cluttering & clumsy in this small place.

Step 2: First Come First

The first thing to do is remove the metal glides on the sides. Not sure what to do with glides, mostly they will go to metal recycler guy. Next to detach the face panel of each drawer because this will free the drawer and make it well shaped box or crate.

Step 3: Get Them in Order

Here we see the drawers became a bunch of boxes, all new and lovely for my project. so put them together for next day to start working on them.

Step 4: The Final Result and More

The final result was to arrange them in some nice composition of a post modern style wall unit using wood screws, making sure screws are less than 3/4 inch which will not pop from the other side. I also removed the bottom of some drawers to make the wall partially obvious. Then I placed a few nice items waiting to be appreciated in my room, a robot, a globe, nice bottles, and die cast legendary corvette.

Step 5: Ideas for Improvement

One idea is to color the wall unit with wood color shades as shown in this picture made by some free software (thanks to Krita free painting software) . So these last 3 pics are virtual attempts to tease your minds.

another improvement is to add some dimmable or clap-triggered LED lighting for this unit.

I also intend to use the drawer face panels make nice picture frames as shown.

A few words here: imagine how many trees are cut to make these drawers, and how much time & resources these trees take to grow...

So please don t let furniture go to waste, re-model them always.

And I repeat, inside every human being, there is a carpenter.. A damn good one.

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