Introduction: Modern Sink

This or the following rendered images are a single idea on a modern and simple sink.  the concept of this is simplicity. 

it has the handles placed in the front for more comfort.

even though this is a simple model it can also be complex by adding the utilities such as towel holder, drawers and so on.  including an super detailed bowl (carved if possible).  but it can just be simple, simply because in the end the ultimate usage of it is to wash your hands, teeth or face.  there is no need for something out of space, just something elegant, functional and simple.

"in this case having a complex sink will not get your hands any cleaner than a simple one (considering the same variables and factors of contribution to the test). "

the pictures at the end are pictures i took with the only camera i have available which is the one at my school, please consider that i am still a student there for the only way (affordable) was for me to make it out of paper.  considering that i only have those cameras available (at school) is the reason i could not take the image of the model till school opened again.  also including the possibility of me having the prototype of the sink i would still need a camera to take the picture of it.      -sorry for the trouble, be nice to me-