Modern Standing Lamp




Introduction: Modern Standing Lamp

I opted to create a standing lamp with the connecting steel pipe as thin as possible. The lamp had to represent something elegant and unusual, with the use of modern lighting technology.

With the right tools this lamp is easy to make.

The total cost was around 25 dollar.

Step 1: Materials and Tools


  • MDF (12mm thick)
  • Steel pipe (12 mm in diameter, 175 cm in height)
  • 15w LED panel and driver (cheap ebay type)
  • Power cord (4 m)
  • Foot switch
  • Paint (white and red)
  • Felt tape (round 25 mm)


  • Jigsaw
  • Drill bit (6 mm, 12 mm)
  • Drill
  • Screwdriver
  • Sandpaper (240 grid)
  • Paint brush, roller
  • a pair of compasses

Step 2: Drawing

Start by drawing a lot of circles with a pair of compasses on a 12 mm MDF board:

  • 2x 5 cm
  • 2x 8 cm
  • 2x 11 cm
  • 2x 14 cm
  • 2x 17 cm
  • 2x 26 cm
  • 4x 20 cm

Draw a 18 cm circle on the inside of two 20 cm circles. Draw a 12 cm circle on the inside of the remaining two 20 cm circles.

Step 3: Sawing, Drilling and Gluing

Use a jigsaw to saw all the circles out. Do not forget to saw the inner circles out.

Drill a 6 mm hole in the center ofevery circle.

Glue the circles in the following order together:5+8+11+14+17+26+26 cm for the bottom piece and 5+8+11+14+17+20+20+20+20 cm for the top piece.

Drill a 4 cm deep hole on top of the previously drilled 6 mm holes using a 12 mm drill bit.

Step 4:

For shaping the two pieces with fluent clean curves, I am going to refer to the explanation of a previous instructable (mood bowl).

There are three ways to make a curved shape out of these glued together circles.

The hard way:

Use a file and sandpaper to create the bowl.
Advantage: no special tools and machines necessary.
Disadvantage:time-consuming and the result is questionable.

The moderate way (my way):

Put a threaded rod through theglued together circles and use hex nuts to hold the rod in place. Attach the rod firmly to a drill press.Use a file and sandpaper to shape the bowl.

Advantage: fast, easy and a good result.

Disadvantage:Dangerous, because a drill press is not made for this purpose, the raw wooden piece can fly of the machine/drill press. If the drill press is not properly attached to a workbench the drill press will vibrate excessively.

The easy way:

Attach theglued together circles to a wood lathe. Use a file, chisels and sandpaper to create the bowl.
Advantage: fast, easy and a perfect result.
Disadvantage: you need a wood lathe.

Step 5: Painting

Use a paint roller to paint the two wooden pieces and the steel pipe.
I used white and red paint.

Step 6: Power + Assembly

Cut the power cord approximately 1 m from the power plug

Open the housing of the foot switch and screw the wires in place. One wire will be interrupted by the switch while the other one continuous. Screw the housing back on the switch.

Place the steel pole in the 12 mm hole of the bottom piece.
Place the top on the steel pole.
Run the power cord through the bottom to the top.

Step 7: Placing the LED

Place the LED driver in the 12 cm circles of the top. Use a connector to attach the LED driver to the power cord. 

Place the LED panel on top. I putted some felt on the inside so that it gives the LED some space to cool. 

Step 8: Enjoying

After placing some felt on the bottom, you are finished. Find a nice spot to place the lamp and drink some coffee in a comfortable chair while you admire your new lamp.

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