Introduction: Modern/Industrial-Style Table Lamp / Desk Lamp

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Here's how I made this Modern/Industrial-Style Table or Desk Lamp out of walnut and steel.

I run through the steps in the embedded 3-minute video, as well.

Step 1: Making the Base (1/5)

I started by routing a 1/2" channel out of a 3/4" thick piece of walnut.

Step 2: Making the Base (2/5)

Then I cut the walnut down to about 3" by 5" (making sure the 1/2" channel was centered).

Step 3: Making the Base (3/5)

I ran both edges through the table saw with the blade set at 45 degrees in order to miter the edges a little so they weren't so sharp.

Step 4: Making the Base (4/5)

I needed to make some room for the wiring and the 12V adapter plug, so I used some forsner bits to remove some material. Not pretty, but this is the bottom of the base and it will never really be seen.

Step 5: Making the Base (5/5)

I finished the base with some Watco butcher block oil.

Step 6: Making the Steel Frame (1/11)

I used 1/2" square steel tubing for the base, which measures about 6" high by 12" wide. I cut it at 45 degrees to mitre the corners.

Step 7: Making the Steel Frame (2/11)

I cut 2 holes in the bottom of the frame. These will eventually be used to attach it to the wooden base.

Step 8: Making the Steel Frame (3/11)

I tapped the holes to thread them for #10 bolts.

Step 9: Making the Steel Frame (4/11)

Here I'm using a big, flat piece of wood to run the guard of the angle grinder against in order to make a straight, narrow channel in the steel tubing. This is where the LED lights will shine through.

Step 10: Making the Steel Frame (5/11)

Here's what it ended up looking like. You'll only see this channel if you end up below the height of the lamp for some reason.

Step 11: Making the Steel Frame (6/11)

After the holes and channel were cut into the individual pieces of the frame, I welded them all together.

Step 12: Making the Steel Frame (7/11)

Then I used an angle grinder to smooth out the welds.

Step 13: Making the Steel Frame (8/11)

I ran some 22 gauge wire through the frame and soldered an LED strip onto one end (the end coming out the top part of the frame) and a 12V adapter plug onto the other end (the end coming out of the bottom).

Step 14: Making the Steel Frame (9/11)

I made sure everything was covered with electrical tape and heat-shrink.

Step 15: Making the Steel Frame (10/11)

I used a little hot glue on top of the LED strip because the glue that comes on the back of those things is never very good. Hot glue will keep it in place for the long-haul. Just make sure you put it between the lights and not on top of them.

Step 16: Making the Steel Frame (11/11)

I finished the frame with 3 coats of this Rustoleum flat black enamel. If you have Home Depot or Lowe's around you, you can find this stuff there. I'm sure Rustoleum (or comparable) spray paint would work just fine as well.

Step 17: Attaching the Frame to the Base

Lastly, I attached the frame to the base using #10 bolts. I also added some hot glue underneath the base to keep all the wiring in place.

Step 18:

That's it! Thanks for following along!

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