Introduction: Modernist Dish Drainer

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Hello to everybody who is looking for ideas to improve their homes!

Bear with me today and you will learn how to drain dishes both artistically and efficiently.

Once you have done you washing-up this mosaic dish drainer will make the water flow through a spout straight to the sink. It is very spacious so it will fit many dishes, glasses, pots and pans.

You may have noticed this dish drainer is not only colourful and stylish, but also extremely useful.

I believe every house should have one :) so I will explain you how to make it.


- 2 dish drainers bought on Amazon

- cement and sand

- metal net (with small mesh)

- colored ceramic tiles

- tile thinset

- ceramic tile grout mix

Step 1: Design and Allocate Space

I decided to design the dish drainer and place it between the sink and another kitchen furniture.

Before actually designing the dish drainer I had found two commercial dish drainers 40 x 30 x 13 cm in size, so I made the concrete base to suit two of them on the side. 60 cm is actually a standard in furniture design so they were fitting perfectly for the purpose.

Step 2: Make the Concrete Structure

Mix cement and sand to make an hollow concrete base of 100 x 76 x 61 cm. It must be a bit taller than the sink.

You will need to make a wooden structure to pour in the concrete and you will end up with something like the picture. No need to make a full concrete cube, it would be too heavy, just make three sides and make it hollow!

Step 3: Use Metal Net to Smooth

Twist and cut the metal net (the one with small mesh) to make the sides and the spout that will drain the water to the sink. Your will round the edges and confer a smoothed shape to your concrete base applying the concrete that will stick on the net. Make sure that the angle of the base allows the water to flow correctly.

Step 4: Make the Mosaic With Tiles

Glue broken pieces of tiles with ceramic tile grout mix. Make it modernistic in the Gaudì style! Make sure that the tiles are aligned so that the water does not stagnate in any point.

Step 5: Dry Your Dishes

I used black colored tile thinset to fill in the grooves in between the tiles.

Now you are ready for dish washing and just let the water flow!!

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