Introduction: Modernized Upgraded Senet

Senet is an old Egyptian game played by throwing sticks - like rolling dice - and moving pawns to get from start to finish.

Step 1: Materials

You will need:
Pen or Pencil
Thin Cardboard
Some Kind of Pawn

Step 2: How to Make

Begin by drawing a path of squares marking the start and finish. Next on six different squares write house of 1, house of 2,3,4,5 and 6. Next draw power ups on some squares like save three sticks, boost 4 and reverse direction ( explanations in how to play ). To make the sticks cut thin cardboard into 6 strips and on one side color it in or draw lines.

Step 3: How to Play

First randomly decide which player will go first. Starting with all pawns on start, toss the sticks and count how many lines you get. In the first picture I got 2 sticks with lines. Player 1 who is white and going first will move 2 squares and lands on boost 4 ( picture 2 ). Because p1 lands on boost 4 they will move 4 more squares ( picture 3 ). It is now player 2's turn and they toss a 3, so they move acordingly ( picture 4 ). Now p1's turn they throw a 1. Because p1 is in the house of 1 they must throw a 1. Assuming they do throw a one they will move to the nearest blank square. On my board I have 5 types of power ups : boosts, x2 powers, reverse directions, save sticks and house skips. Since I have already explained boosts I will move to x2 powers. When you land on a x2 power if your next turn you throw a number on the square you will move 2 times the number you rolled. So if you landed on a 1 or 2 x2 power if you roll a 2 you will move 4 squares. If you land on a reverse direction your next turn you will move backward instead of forward. If you land on a save sticks you may keep as many stick as said on the square and rethrow the remaining sticks. If you land on a house skip if your next turn you move into a house go to the next blank square.

Step 4: Final Note

This game is very fun and originally required betting though you do'nt really need to. If you need a quick inexpensive board game then senet might be for you. Please comment, rate and subscribe ... or rather comment, favorite and follow :) .