Introduction: Modified Arcade Coin Slot - MAME

so the other day i decided to modify my arcade slot so that it would register the coin as a credit and return it right back to the return coin slot. looked all over the internet for about 3 days and couldn't find anything on how to make it. well here is what i did to mine to make it possible (see little picture notes for more details)

all the items i used were:
- arcade coin slot(s)
- philips screw driver
- adjustable wrench
- welder
- metal cutoff tool
- drill gun
- metal sheet cutters
- rivet tool
- 2 bolts w/ nuts
- empty soda can
- scotch tape

Step 1: Tear Down

sorry didn't take a picture of the entire thing together, but first things first is to tear it all down like so

Step 2: Weld & Cut Spots

didn't get any pictures of the pieces being cut or welded but you can see when they were cut and welded in the provided pictures

Step 3: Start of Putting It Together

here is where i start to put the top portion and microswitch mount together and put back onto the coin slots faceplate

Step 4: Adding the Bottom Coin Chute

you can use an empty soda can or anything bendable. i used the piece from a computer that has to be taken off when you put in a new cd drive. i then drilled a hole on the top of any corner about the same size as the hole that i pointed on step 2 in the last picture

Step 5: Adding the Walls

this is where i used an empty soda can to make are the coin follows a correct path so it goes straight back to the return coin slot