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Introduction: Modified Arcade Coin Slot - MAME

so the other day i decided to modify my arcade slot so that it would register the coin as a credit and return it right back to the return coin slot. looked all over the internet for about 3 days and couldn't find anything on how to make it. well here is what i did to mine to make it possible (see little picture notes for more details)

all the items i used were:
- arcade coin slot(s)
- philips screw driver
- adjustable wrench
- welder
- metal cutoff tool
- drill gun
- metal sheet cutters
- rivet tool
- 2 bolts w/ nuts
- empty soda can
- scotch tape

Step 1: Tear Down

sorry didn't take a picture of the entire thing together, but first things first is to tear it all down like so

Step 2: Weld & Cut Spots

didn't get any pictures of the pieces being cut or welded but you can see when they were cut and welded in the provided pictures

Step 3: Start of Putting It Together

here is where i start to put the top portion and microswitch mount together and put back onto the coin slots faceplate

Step 4: Adding the Bottom Coin Chute

you can use an empty soda can or anything bendable. i used the piece from a computer that has to be taken off when you put in a new cd drive. i then drilled a hole on the top of any corner about the same size as the hole that i pointed on step 2 in the last picture

Step 5: Adding the Walls

this is where i used an empty soda can to make are the coin follows a correct path so it goes straight back to the return coin slot 

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    2 Discussions


    8 years ago on Introduction

    Where did you get the coin slots?


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    i got mine from ebay for 22 shipped back in october. lately i haven't seen any like mine posted on there or around the same price though. might be able to track one down in an arcades type forum, thats if your trying to find one like mine